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Corporate Safety

"Their emphasis on safety during construction was a further indication of organizational competence, as was the fact that the personnel assigned to our project were long time employees, a rarity in the construction business."


John V. Hardy, Owners' Representative

Trinity Episcopal Church

Richard K. Davis Construction Corporation (RKDCC) is committed to a strong health, safety, environmental protection and loss prevention program in order to protect our employees, customers, visitors and the general public from accidental losses.  RKDCC and its employees at every level are responsible and accountable for overall safety initiatives.  All personnel employed by RKDCC shall ensure that safety, health and concern for the environment is an integral part of all RKDCC work processes and procedures.


This commitment to a safe workplace will be accomplished through complying with all applicable governmental regulations and sound industry safe work practices.  RKDCC respects the right of employees to refuse to work where unsafe conditions exist. RKDCC will provide training, personal protective devices, appropriate and properly maintained equipment and avenues to communication, to ensure a safe and environmentally secure workplace.


Our corporate responsibility to recognize safety in the workplace as a critical component of every project became a commitment in 1990 when we started our first safety program, managed by a safety officer.  That same safety officer (Lawrence Blandford) is still with us today and has evolved our programs to a place of receiving accolades from our clients and local agencies that monitor work place safety.


We have a written safety policy which as been reviewed and signed in agreement by every employee.  All new hires are introduced to the safety standards expected of them and required to pass a written test to verify their understanding of what is expected of them.  We build upon this safety comprehension with quarterly safety training meetings that all employees are required to attend at our corporate offices.


We believe that the success of our safety program is greatly due to our involving the field employees in a safety committee comprised of our safety officer and five field representatives.  Great suggestions arise from this committee and are implemented with approval of the corporation president.  This has paid great dividends to RKDCC as the employees have taken ownership in the safety program by helping to develop it.  We are proud that we have previously archived an Insurance Experience Modifier (IEM) as low as .67 with our current IEM well below the industry standard at 1.00.



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