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Field Performance

In order for Richard K. Davis Construction to make good on delivering a successful project completion, the commitment is executed by insisting on quality in the field during construction. In order to accomplish this, we adopted the age old adage, “If you want it done right, do it yourself”. The primary key to fulfilling this promise lies in the field foreman that oversees the daily site specific issues that determines the attention to detail. We differentiate ourselves from our competition by relying on “blue collar” foreman who have come up through the ranks, managing our craftsmen and subcontractors from a position of well rounded knowledge and understanding. The partnership between our administrative project manager and the field foreman provides a unique balance of project management that is atypical in today’s marketplace.


It is a proven fact that a product is only as good as its installation allows, and so our “If you want it done right…” philosophy is applied during construction by counting on our own in-house crews that specialize in concrete finishing, masonry, structural steel erection, standing seam metal roofing, rough and finish carpentry, cabinetry, and painting. Through self performance of many various construction trades, our family of employees internally coordinate each trade with another to seamlessly complete a project that the team can take pride in. This old school form of general construction allows us to maintain the level of quality we have become known for and commands greater control over the timely completion of our projects.


"With your "in house" staff or construction specialists, you demonstrated the kind of quality that is so often missing in this profession. Your attention to detail was impressive, and the quality of the finished work was obvious."


Gregory P. Nelson, President

One World Fruit Sales



"As further proof of your high quality work, we have never had to ask you back for anything"


Warren Heim, President

Warren Heim Corporation


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