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Schedule Control

"You went above and beyond the call of duty with regard to researching various issues that came up during the course of construction. The information you gathered regarding these issues was most valuable in helping me make the decisions, keeping me on track from a timing standpoint...and under budget."


Thomas J. White, President

White Company

Our goal is to be responsible for as much of each project as possible.  By opening your project to Construction Manager Advisor participation during the design development process, you are able to utilize our staff’s strength of working with the design team and local governmental agencies at the early stages of a project’s inception.  And during construction, Richard K. Davis Construction Corporation prides itself in utilizing their own tradesmen who specialize in concrete, masonry, pre-engineered steel erection, carpentry, cabinetry and painting.  Applying our capabilities to the task of coordinating as many phases of a project, from design and permitting through final inspections and certificate of completion, we minimize the unexpected and ensure a smooth, efficient, and timely building experience.



Meet with governmental agencies to determine required procedures and key

submission dates

Review with design team members to determine realistic design completion goals

Create project Pre-Construction Control Schedule projections using Microsoft

Project Software

Identify on Pre-Construction Control Schedule critical milestones and permitting

submission dates

Transmit and review final Pre-Construction Control Schedule with team members

Review time line regularly at pre-arranged team conferences

Update Pre-Construction Control Schedule at the completion of each design phase



Expand Construction Control Schedule after completion of 80% Construction

Documents utilizing Microsoft Project software

Identify critical path and other milestone dates on Construction Control Schedule

Review Construction Control Schedule with key subcontractors and suppliers /

update as necessary

Update Construction Control Schedule prior to each Job-Site Coordination Meeting

and at a minimum no less than monthly

Organize, schedule and conduct periodic Job-Site Coordination Meetings

Distribute and review updated Construction Control Schedule at each coordination


Provide penalty and/or incentive programs for timely completion of tasks by




A review of our significant construction project’s track record on meeting contractual completion date obligations reveals that we secure Substantial Completion on or ahead of our target 90% of the time.  Of those not completed on time, a majority were directly impacted by three major hurricanes during the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons.


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